Keihanna's history

History of Kansai Science City

Year Month Main events of the city constructions
1978 September “Kansai Science City Surveillance Conversazione” was set up (Chairman: Higashi Okuda, ex principal of Kyoto University).
1983 March “Kansai Science City Construction Promotion Conference” was established.
1984 February Nara pref. announced “Nara’s basic plan of Kansai Science City”.
April Kyoto pref. announced “Basic construction plan (for the area in Kyoto pref.) of Kansai Science City”
August International Institutes for Advanced Studies was established.
1985 February Osaka pref. announced “Osaka’s basic plan of Kansai Science City”.
1986 June Kansai Research Institute was established.
1987 June “The construction promotion law for Kansai Science City” was proclaimed and enforced.
October Prime Minister determined “Basic policy on the constructions of Kansai Science City” (Prime Minster Office announcement No.24)
1989 May Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) was opened.
August “Keihanna corporation” was established (Science exchange facilities).
1990 September Initial stage of Hi Touch Research Park was open.
1993 April Science exchange facilities “Keihanna Plaza” was established.
October International Institute for Advanced Studies was established.
November Final completion of Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE)
1994 September “Keihanna Science City Festival ‘94” was held (Opening of the science city).
1996 April Second Stage Plan of Kansai Science City “Future development policy of Kansai Science City” was reported.
July “Second Stage Plan Promotion Conference” was inaugurated in alliance of industries, academies and government
1998 May “Aiming realization of Second Stage Plan” was announced.
2000 April Keinawa Highway was open to traffic (in the area in Kyoto pref.)
2002 April Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology appointed “the research project to create the Human L-cube industries” for “the intellectual cluster creation project”.
October The Kansai-kan of the National Diet Library was opened.
2003 April Project for structural innovation special zone “Keihanna Science City Special Zone” was authorized.
October The Vocational Museum was opened.
2005 March Wrap-up of the recommendations of “the conversazione to think about tomorrow of Kansai Science City”
April Keihanna New Industry Creation and Interactive center was opened.
November Exchanges between Kansai Science City and Beijing Science Park were agreed.
2006 March “Third-Stage-Plan of Kansai Science City, ~Aiming new developments of the science city~” was formulated.
March Kintetsu railway “Keihanna line” was open on traffic.
November “Third Stage Promotion Conference” performed by coordination with industries, academies and government was inaugurated.
2007 October "Children in science town" project started.
2008 May Opening of the Doshisya Yamate town.
2009 July Merging of the Kansai Research Institute and the Keihannna New Industry Creation and Interaction center.
2010 March The Vocational Museum was closed.
July Project of the energy and social system for the next generation was authonized.
2011 February "Keihanna Eco-City Promotion Conference" started.
December Designated as the kansai Innovation International Strategic General Special Zone.
2012 April Kansai Reseach Institute was authorized as a public foundation.